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The Hair Trauma Center opened in 2007 by Jacqueline Tarrant and began in an effort to help people with hair trauma. Get the help you need to regrow hair, or just strengthen your hair with our thinning hair solutions. When things are really bad we can even offer professional services for hair restoration in Chicago. It is all about how you feel about your appearance in our business. You deserve to be comfortable with the appearance of your hair. We know that there are steps that can make the process easier and safer for everyone.

Everything that we do for your hair is approved by the FDA. You can have your work done knowing that you will have the best care available today for your hair nutrition. We have 20 years of experience in this field of research. We know how hair works. Years of serious research and successful application have taught us how to get your hair back on track to optimal health.

You will meet with the "Hair Trauma Center's" Certified Trichologist, who is an expert in transforming thinning, weak and fragile strands into healthier, thicker and fuller heads of hair.

One thing that many people fail to recognize is that hair growth occurs from good blood circulation. That is one of the first issues that we address. After that we offer a consultation to evaluate the condition of your hair. If the hair requires specialized treatment and products to help improve circulation and strength for healthier strands, we can map out a plan for success and immediately begin services for  healthier hair and a happier you.

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