Our hair takes a lot of abuse. Styling it everyday and getting it colored can leave your hair seriously deprived of the vital nutrients that it needs to grow effectively to maintain good health. Other issues like hormonal adjustments in the body occur over time as well. Health problems over the years can lead to hair loss that never grows back without intervention. That is where you need some help with hair restoration in Chicago. Consider The Hair Trauma Center to get your locks back in shape with our services for hair replacement in Chicago.
You might have issues with hair loss. This can happen for a number of reasons. Daily abuse over the years can create a problem that snowballs into serious hair loss. Stress is another factor that can leave your hair getting thinner every year. Most people don't realize that there are vitamins that can be taken to help regain the health of their hair.
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In office Cool Light Laser Treatments stimulate circulation in the scalp which helps promote the transport of oxygen, nutrition and blood to the hair follicle. Without this support, hair follicles are starved and they die off. This is the process of hair loss. Stimulate these Follicles and Regrow your Hair!
Now in addition to on salon treatments you can

The “Hair Trauma Center Laser Cap” is a portable, home device, which uses Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to treat male and female pattern hair loss. It is safe and easy to use and fits in any cap. It is currently the most effective home care system of Low Level Laser Light Therapy for hair growth and is the only completely portable, discrete device.
The “Hair Rehab Laser Cap” has 144 low level laser lights built inside a flexible, hermetically sealed dome shaped membrane that fits comfortably in almost any hat and is powered by a small belt clip battery pack. It delivers 10X more power than the leading devices, provides optimal coverage to the entire scalp, and is as easy to use as wearing a hat. This also makes Laser Cap portable and discreet. It is not only good for those losing their hair or with thinning hair, and supports hair transplants to maintain their existing hair. Laser Cap also works well with other hair loss treatments such as medical management with Minoxidil, Propecia, or Hair Rehab Regrowth System.